Light rolls out low-light improvements to L16

Light L16 camera release date expected in July 2017

Light has issued a new firmware update for the L16 that promises improvements in the camera’s low-light capability.

One of the big additions is a new stacked capture feature. With this enabled, the L16 can sense when a scene has dim lighting and capture multiple images like in a standard burst mode.

But because each L16 photo is already comprised of 10 or more images, this means each stacked capture may contain as many as 40 combined images. This results in less noise and more detail, Light says.

This mode is currently only available in auto mode above ISO 2000, but Light says it is planning to expand this feature over the next few months.

Light says it has also improved the signal-to-noise ratio in images, making dimly lit scenes sharper and with less colour noise and more fine detail.

There’s also a new tripod assist feature that detects when the L16 is situated on a still surface and then lengthens the exposure time.