LG patents smartphone with 16 camera lenses


LG has filed a patent for a new smartphone that employs a hexadecimal camera, which boasts an array of 16 different lenses and sensors.

The Korean smartphone manufacturer received its patent from the United States Patent and Trademark Office on 20 November, Let’s Go Digital reports, which outlines a phone featuring 16 lenses in a matrix design.

What’s more, the patent describes how the lenses will be placed in a certain curvature within this design so that they can capture images from different perspectives.

The patent suggests that users would be able to choose one specific lens to take a photograph, or take photos from all of the lenses at the same time and then choose the best one.

The 16-lens LG smartphone would also be able to combine these simultaneous images from the different lenses and make moving photos.

The patent also describes other functionality, such as integrating a touchpad at the rear and an audio output unit.