News |Lenscapt redesigns the lens cap

Lenscapt redesigns the lens cap

Lenscapt redesigns the lens cap

Inevitably at some point, you’re going to lose your lens cap. They fo the job of protecting your lens’s front element, but at the same time, it’s all too easy to lose one. That’s why a new Kickstarter campaign from Lenscapt aims to redesigns the lens cap. 

The design is nothing short of ingenious and I can think of several photographers I’ve worked with over the years who I would now demand uses one. The idea is that the Lenscapt fits your lens and then when you want to remove it to take a picture a spring loaded door flips the cap open. 

This means that the cap always stays attached, and therefore cannot be left on a wall, pocket or on the floor. 

It’s one of those seemingly great ideas and will maybe succeed where the tethered lens caps failed. 

If you have faith in a lens cap campaign like this you can read more and get involved here.



Lenscapt redesigns the lens cap
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Lenscapt redesigns the lens cap
Forever loosing your lenscap? Not any more the Lenscapt aims to redesign the lens cap and
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