Zhong Yi Optics has introduced the Lens Turbo II N – price $149 – focal reducer lens-mounted adapter, which allows photographers to fit Nikon F mount lenses to Fujifilm X cameras.

The company says that with the Lens Turbo II N mounted it is possible to shoot with a focal length of 0.726 times, and it is designed to allow you to shoot with the original angle of view.

Zhong Yi Optics also says that its focal reducer adapter has “high light condensing efficiency,” which pushes the F value brighter by one stop.

The company cites several example reference values of what one can expect when the Lens Turbo II N is mounted:

  • 50mm lens × 1.5 (APS-C focus magnification) × 0.726 (Lens Turbo focus magnification) = 55mm Corresponding to angle of view
  • mm lens × 1.5 (APS-C focal magnification) × 0.726 (Lens Turbo focal magnification) = 38mm equivalent to the angle of view

Buy the Lens Turbo II N on Adorama

Via Fuji Addict