Plenty of cameras are hyped as rugged, durable and robust, but how many of us really know that for certain? Thankfully we have Lens Rentals to do our dirty work for us.

And with the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV shipping today, the firm used one of its shipments to take it apart, piece by piece, and see just how well it is built.

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What did they learn? Well, according to the company, the weather sealing on the Canon 5D Mark IV is pretty robust. The shell boasts an interlocking construction with lots of pins and clips and screws that hold it together. More so than past Canon cameras they’ve taken apart.

There are also more microchips and connectors binding the EOS 5D Mark IV together than any other Canon camera due to the new technology introduced, they said, and more complexity with cables.

On the other hand, Lens Rentals also found some empty spaces in the 5D Mark IV, suggesting the camera could have been built a bit smaller.

Overall? There is a fair amount that’s new about the Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, they said, and it’s quite a sophisticated upgrade.

Images via LensRentals


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