News |Is Leica working with Zenit on its full-frame mirrorless camera?

Is Leica working with Zenit on its full-frame mirrorless camera?

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Over the summer Zenit made headlines announcing its return with a full-frame mirrorless camera that would rival Leica.

Now it appears that Zenit’s full-frame mirrorless camera could be a Leica camera after all.

PetaPixel reports that a source working inside Zenit’s KMZ factory is claiming that the Russian manufacturer is working with Leica to create a rebranded version of the medium format Leica SL.

PetaPixel reached out to USSRPhoto, the Russian website that reported the news. USSRPhoto clarified that the source says the Zenit full-frame mirrorless camera will be based on the Leica SL but will have its own design and modifications added by Zenit.

What’s more, USSRPhoto stated that the KMZ factory in Russia doesn’t make electronics and instead outsources these to German and French companies.

KMZ is an optical factory where Zenit is reportedly producing special lenses for its upcoming camera.

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