News |Leica unveils SOFORT instant camera

Leica unveils SOFORT instant camera

Leica unveils SOFORT instant camera

Leica has jumped into the instant camera market, launching the Leica SOFORT – price tag £215 – ahead of Photokina 2016.

The Leica SOFORT offers a range of modes, such as Auto, Party & People, Sport & Action, Self-Portrait and Macro, as well as settings for multiple and timed exposures.

The new Leica camera also boasts a built-in flash, which you can leave on its auto setting or switch on or off. Leica says that the SOFORT is designed to use available light for as long as possible before triggering the built-in flash when the camera is in its Auto mode.

And to aid self-portraits, the Leica SOFORT offers a mirror on the front of the camera to help frame your image.

Other features include freedom to set the focusing distance independently of the program mode you’ve selected, and a monochrome film option for black & white photography.

The Leica SOFORT uses both colour or monochrome film, which will be available in packs of 10 exposures. Colour film will also be available in double packs of 20 frames. Prints will feature a cream border.

The Leica SOFORT will start shipping in November 2016, and the following accessories will also be available:

LEICA SOFORT colour film pack (10) – £9.50
LEICA SOFORT colour film double pack (20) – £15.50
LEICA SOFORT monochrome film pack (10) – £11.00
LEICA SOFORT black or brown case – £24.00
LEICA SOFORT strap (black/white, mint, orange) – £15.00
LEICA SOFORT postcards (3 piece set) – £8.00
LEICA SOFORT box set (3 piece set) – £8.00
LEICA SOFORT photo album – £20.00
LEICA SOFORT photo presenter – £16.00


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