Leica SL2: price, specs, release date revealed

Leica SL2 Review

Leica has announced the SL2, price tag £5,300, a new full-frame mirrorless camera offering 46.7-million-pixel resolution.

The Leica SL2 builds on from the SL, announced in 2015, and features a new full-frame CMOS sensor that promises wide dynamic range, a native sensitivity up to ISO 50,000 and a colour depth of 14 bits per RGB channel.

Inside is a new Maestro III processor, which makes its debut for the first time in a Leica camera. Leica has also added in-body stabilisation to the SL2, as well as a new option to turn off noise reduction during long exposures.

Leica has also introduced a new Object Detection AF system that includes the usual series of modes, as well as face recognition and the ability to determine whether a subject is stationary or in motion. The SL2 then switches between its motion and focus priority modes accordingly.

Body Design

The SL2’s all-metal body is the same size and shape as the Leica SL, and is weather-sealed for use in extreme conditions.

Leica has also tweaked the SL2 body design further, adding a larger 3.2-inch screen with 2.1-million-dot resolution and a 5.76-million-dot electronic viewfinder.

You’ll also find dual SD card slots (both of which are UHS-II compatible), headphone and microphone sockets and a USB-C port.


The Leica SL2 is capable of recording video in 5K resolution at 30fps in MOV mode, or you can shoot 4K video at 60fps in MP4. What’s more, the SL2 can record Full HD video at up to 180fps.

Interestingly, when you switch the Leica SL2 into Cine mode the camera transforms into a manually controlled cine camera with all the terminology you would expect in filmmaking, such as ASA and T-stops.

Leica SL2 Price & Release Date

The Leica SL2 price tag will be £5,300. Leica says its release date will be 21 November.