Leica now a shareholder of computational photography firm Light

Light L16 camera release date expected in July 2017

Leica has contributed to a funding round for the computational photography company Light, the maker of the 16-sensor L16 camera.

Leica, which contributed an undisclosed amount in the $121 million Series D funding round led by SoftBank Vision Fund, is now a shareholder in Light and will conceivably have a strong say in the company’s future development projects.

“The new funding will allow Light to expand the reach of its imaging platform beyond consumer photography and into security, robotic, automotive, aerial and industrial imaging applications,” Light said in its announcement of the funding.

The statement also confirmed the development of its first smartphone, as previously reported by the Washington Post. The company claims it ‘will shatter the expectations of mobile photography.’

Leica adds: “With the rapid development of the computational photography, partnering with the innovators at Light [allows] Leica to extend its tradition of excellence into the computational photography era.”