Leica and Huawei have announced a new joint partnership to develop technology to improve image quality across a range of devices and explore new solutions in augmented and virtual realities.

The collaboration will see the two brands launch a new jointly run research and innovation centre, the Max Berek Innovation Lab, named after the creator of the first Leica lenses.

The new lab will be located at Leica’s global headquarters in Wetzlar, Germany.

The companies said the lab will aim to further develop optical systems and software-based technologies to improve image quality across a wide range of photographic and mobile device applications.

What’s more, Leica and Huawei said their partnership will explore augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) solutions.

As well as R&D resources from both companies, Huawei and Leica said they plan to collaborate with German and international universities and research institutions.


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