News |Leica confident that dust is less of a problem for the M10

Leica confident that dust is less of a problem for the M10

Leica M10

One of the problems associated with an interchangeable lens system with no mirror is an increased likelihood of dust getting to the sensor.

This seemed to be particularly problematic for previous M digital rangefinders, such as the M9 and the M Typ 240.

However, speaking to Camera Jabber during a trip to the Leica HQ in Wetzlar, Germany, the product management team responsible for the M10 believes that the new sensor inside the camera should tackle that issue.

Some have questioned why there’s no electronic sensor cleaning system, such as we see in plenty of other cameras – especially when it has been noted to be a problem in the past.


Jesko Oeynhausen, product manager for camera systems, said: “There is no electronic cleaning system there because there is not enough space.”

One of the key improvements, and key facts about the camera that Leica is keen to celebrate, is how they have managed to slim down the design to bring it in line with the size of classic analogue M cameras.

Confident that the new design wouldn’t present the same kind of problems as previous cameras, Oeynhausen continued, “we have done something with the sensor design which makes [dust] less visible, less of a problem than before.”

It will be interesting to see if users report the same kind of dust issues – some have gone so far as to suggest that older M digital cameras needed to be sent away for sensor cleaning every few weeks.


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