LEE Filters launches Reverse ND to reduce horizon exposure

LEE Filters launches Reverse ND to reduce horizon exposure

LEE Filters has announced a trio of new ‘Reverse ND’ filters – priced from £81.80 – that will reduce horizon exposure by up to 4 stops.

The LEE Reverse ND filters come in strengths of 0.6, 0.9 and 1.2, which equate to 2, 3 and 4 stops of exposure reduction, respectively.

The filters differ from standard ND filters by featuring the darkest part of the glass near the centre, which dissipates and becomes clearer towards the edges.

This helps balance the exposure to allow photographers to shoot images at sunrise and sunset that retain detail in the sky and foreground. LEE says:

“Controlling the exposure so that the sun is correctly exposed and balanced with the rest of the image has, in the past, meant using a very strong traditional neutral-density graduated filter, with the result being that the sky at the top of the frame appears darker than is entirely natural.”

The Reverse ND filters are compatible with LEE’s Seven5, 100mm and SW150 systems, and LEE says they achieve their best image quality when used with lenses of at least 24mm in focal length.

The LEE Reverse ND filters are priced £81.80 for the Seven5 System, £114.34 for the 100mm System and £125.56 for the SW150 System.

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