News |LEE Filters launches LEE85 Filter System

LEE Filters launches LEE85 Filter System

The LEE85 Filter System is based on the designs of the LEE100 Filter System for DSLRs

LEE Filters launches LEE85 Filter System

LEE Filters has announced the LEE85 Filter System, which is designed for use with mirrorless cameras and smaller models on the market.

The LEE85 System is smaller than the LEE100Filter System, which is designed for DSLRs, but it retains all the same functionality.

The LEE85 System will be available in four kits: Discover, Develop, Aspire and Deluxe. Each kit comes with the LEE85 System Pouch, which holds a LEE85 Filter Holder, Polariser and additional filters.

What’s more, the each kit will include 72mm, 67mm and 58mm adapter rings. Rings in other lens-thread sizes are also available for purchase separately.

The System also comes with a LEE85 filter holder that locks on to your lens. You can then use the locking dial to set it to neutral, half-lock or full-lock. LEE adds:

The LEE85 system is compatible with a full range of filters, including re-imagined LEE85 ND Graduated and Standard filters, which feature a grip tab that increases the visible area and keeps fingerprints off the filter zone.

The LEE85 Little Stopper and Big Stopper—neutral-density filters that cut six and 10 stops of light, respectively—also feature useful thumb guides to easily position them squarely within the holder.

The LEE85 Filter System release date will be in late spring 2020, according to LEE Filters. A price tag has not yet been confirmed.


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