News |LEE Filters launch Elements range of circular filters

LEE Filters launch Elements range of circular filters

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Today renowned Lee Filters has announced the introduction of LEE Elements. This new set of high-end circular filters has been specially designed to meet the demands of today’s photographers and videographers. 

The filters will be available in four sizes, 67mm, 72mm, 77mm and 82mm and will come in the following filter types: Little Stopper, Big Stopper, CPL, and two VNDs. 

The first two filters are based on LEE Filters hugely popular Big and Little stoppers that we’ve seen released on the 100mm, 150mm and Seven5 filter formats. The Little Stopper offers 6-stops of light reduction while the Big Stopper 10-st9ops. 

The two VNDs are all-new and will be available in two different strengths, 2-5 stop and 6-9 stop; these will prove popular for videographers who rely on quality VNDs to control the light, 

Each of the new filters is made from LEE filters high-quality glass and will incorporate multilayer-coated optics making them ideal partners for today’s high-resolution cameras and lenses. 

The filters have been designed with tough black matt anodised aluminium frames that will minimise reflection and with a knurled edge that will make them easy to remove even when wearing gloves. 

“With LEE Elements, we’re bringing our experience and know-how to a new range of quick and easy-to-use circular filters, providing the quality and performance that customers expect from LEE in a form factor that can streamline their creative process, whether they’re capturing stills or video,” said LEE Filters Managing Director Paul Mason. “With the quality of the glass and the high-performance coatings across the range, LEE Elements offers photographers and videographers class-leading optical performance.”

The CPL and VNDs feature smooth, silent rotation that makes them an ideal fit for videography. 

The VNDs are also fitted with rotation stops to help eliminate the risk of cross-polarization. The VNDs are also clearly marked with the numeric stop positions making it easy to work out exposure times manually. 

The glass coating is scratch-resistant and anti-reflective and features hydrophobic and oleophobic layers equivalent to those found on Panavision’s PanaND and LEE’s ProGlass Cine IRND filters. These additional layers of coatings provide enhanced protection against moisture and fingerprints. 

To help keep each filter protected, they will shop with a single=-piece impact resistant protective hard case. 

“LEE Elements will introduce new customers who might still be in the early stages of their image-making journeys to the high-quality, rugged and easy-to-use filter systems that LEE is known for,” Mason said. “As those image-makers continue in their creative pursuits, we’ll be there to further support them across a whole range of lenses with our LEE85, LEE100 and SW150 filter systems for still photography and our ProGlass Cine IRND line of neutral-density filters for cinematography. Whether a customer is shooting stills or video content, LEE Elements offers a versatile solution that empowers them to go and create.”

LEE Elements are widely available and can be purchased through the LEE Direct website.


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