News |LEE 100 hood and tandem adaptor released

LEE 100 hood and tandem adaptor released

LEE 100 hood and tandem adaptor released

There are many occasions when you’ll find that one filter is not enough, for example; need to stop down the overall exposure for a long exposure, while still needing to balance the difference between the sky and land?

It’s a common issue that many landscape photographers will have experienced. Of course, most filter adapters enable you to stack filters as needed, say one ND with an ND grad to get the exposures you want. However, in these traditional stacked holders, the filter orientation is locked.

Realising this need for a more versatile filter stacking system premium manufacturer LEE has announced the all-new LEE100 Tandem Adapter.

Alongside the launch of the new adapter comes the LEE100 Hood designed to shade your lens from unwanted light intrusion.

The LEE100 Tandem Adapter

The all-new LEE100 Tandem adapter differs from adapters that have come before. It enables you to rotate and position each filter independently. This means that you have complete control over the filter positioning and effect.

Mirroring the high quality of the LEE filter range the new adapter is constructed from aluminium, giving it a robust quality look and feel that will last for years.

The new adapter works by slotting into the outermost slot of the standard LEE Holder. Then up to three filters can be added.

The LEE100 Hood

The new LEE100 Hood has been designed to shade the lens and help reduce the risk of light and flare affecting the image. It can be used with up to three filters along with the LEE filters Polariser.

LEE 100 hood and tandem adaptor released

Constructed from water-resistant reinforced nylon it features a collapsible concertina design and can be angled for maximum versatility.

The hood comes with four locking tabs that can be attached to the usual adaptor ring and rotated independently from the LEE100 Filter Holder.

The hood can be used with lenses of around 28mm and a two-slot filter
guide without the risk of vignetting. Once it is reduced to half extension, lenses as wide as around 20mm can be used without vignetting.

The LEE100 Tandem Adaptor has a RRP of £44.50 ex-VAT.
The LEE100 Hood has a RRP of £208.00 ex-VAT.

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LEE 100 hood and tandem adaptor released
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LEE 100 hood and tandem adaptor released
LEE 100 hood and tandem adaptor released. The new hood helps reduce flare and glare on the lens while the new adapter enables more flexible filter stacking.
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