News |Latest preview of the Removu S1 Prototype – GoPro gimbal

Latest preview of the Removu S1 Prototype – GoPro gimbal

Removu S1

Action camera company REMOVU has just released the latest video of their hotly anticipated gimbal for GoPro action cameras.

The S1 is designed to bolt directly to your GoPro and offers a full 3-axis of movement in order to reduce camera shake and enable the capture of steady smooth flowing footage.

The S1’s design breaks for the usual design adopted by many other action camera gimbals by featuring a modular design.

Removu S1 unboxing video

The gimbal itself can be detached from the handle and then mounted anywhere that you would usually direct mount your GoPro (Space allowing). The handle can then be used as a wireless remote.

Not only have they produced what is looking to be the most versatile gimbal for GoPro yet, but they’ve also made the whole thing waterproof.

I’m looking forward to testing the REMOVU S1, but for now you can check out more details at

The REMOVU is due for release in October 2016.

Hands-on Removu S1 review

For more details on REMOVU accessories for GoPro check out


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