Lastolite Support Kit for EzyFrame photographic backgrounds

Freestanding frame support for EzyFrame backgrounds

Lastolite Aluminium Frame Support

The Lastolite by Manfrotto EzyFrame backgrounds are a powerful studio tool, enabling you to get the look easily.

One background can make a huge difference to the look of your portrait, pet and still life shots, with a slight shift in lighting making a huge difference.

Now the latest range of EzyFrame Vintage backgrounds gives you even more choice with a large format surface that offers plenty of flexibility.

But, while the size is welcome using and moving this size of background around the studio can be difficult.

The new Aluminum Frame Support Kit has been designed to make things easy and can be used with the Manfrotto Skylite, Panoramic, EzyFrame and Chroma Key Backgrounds.

The support kit can be used in a variety of ways dependent on the product you’re using it with.

Firstly with the Skylite panels the support kit can be used as a handle and can be configured as needed.

The next use is as a leg support for the Skylite, Panoramic, StudioLink when they’re being used in the vertical position.

As a final use the support can be attached to a Skylite on the ground to angle as need for directional fill light.

The Aluminium Frame Support will go on sale for £65.94

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