News |Lastolite launch Tobacco – Olive vintage backdrop

Lastolite launch Tobacco – Olive vintage backdrop

Lastolite launch Tobacco/Olive vintage backdrop

A decent backdrop or two can make all the difference to your studio shots by adding interest and depth. To help you to achieve the look Lastolite by Manfrotto has just released a new vintage backdrop.

This latest backdrop will join the rest of the Lastolite vintage range of collapsible backgrounds. These already include the popular Smoke/Concrete as well as the Joe McNally Ironworks range. This new double-sided backdrop will feature vintage Tobacco/Olive surfaces. 

As with the rest of the range, the backdrop is double-sided and measures 1.5 x 2.1m.

The Tabacco side shows a range of brown/ochre tones with a hint of green, while the Olive surface features deep greens with a hint of ochre.

Each side also utilises a dark vignette to the edges to add interest and draw interest towards the model.

These backgrounds are ideal for portraits, fashion and product photography.

Part of the beauty of this and the rest of the collapsible background range is that they pack down ready for transporting and can be popped out and ready to use in a matter of seconds.

The backdrop is also fully compatible with the Manfrotto Magnetic Background support system that enables backgrounds to be supported and swapped as needed.

The Vintage Collapsible Background Tobacco/Olive (LL LB5705) has an RRP of £180.95 for more information check out

Lastolite launch Tobacco/Olive vintage backdrop
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Lastolite launch Tobacco/Olive vintage backdrop
Lastolite launch Tobacco/Olive vintage backdrop. This new dramatic vintage style backdropcan be used to enhance fashion, portrait and product photography.
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