LandscapePro 2 editing software adds 3D lighting brushes, sky library

LandscapePro 2 editing software adds 3D lighting brushes, sky library

Anthropics Technology has launched LandscapePro 2, price tag $39.95 / £29.95 / €39.95, the second version of its photo editing software aimed at outdoor photographers.

Chief among LandscapePro 2’s new features are an expanded library of more than 100 new skies for photographers to use in their images, as well as new 2D and 3D lighting brushes, a tool for adding sky reflections in water and enhanced selection brushes.

The new selection brushes claim to achieve more realistic sky replacements, lock areas to edit more precisely and select finer details.

The 2D Lighting Brush works as a traditional dodge and burn tool, while the 3D Lighting Brush operates like an actual light, Anthropics sayd, adding depth to a scene.

Other features you’ll find in LandscapePro 2 include tools from the original version, such as sky replacement, 3D depth estimation, a depth of field simulator and distance controls.

The software offers, as well, a series of one-click presets, as well as sliders for more precise editing.

Anthropics says LandscapePro 2 is available in three versions: Standard, Studio and Studio Max. The Studio and Studio Max editions offer plugins for Photoshop and Lightroom. The Studio edition can also handle raw files, while the Studio Max version offers a Batch Mode and histogram panel.

LandscapePro 2 Studio is priced $59.95 / £49.95 / €69.95, while the LandscapePro 2 Studio Max price tag is $119.95 / £99.95 / €139.95.

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