News |Landscape Photographer, Matt Pinner’s favourite image of April 2018

Landscape Photographer, Matt Pinner’s favourite image of April 2018

Matt Pinner's favourite image of April

Sometimes landscape photography is about planning, scouting locations, checking the weather forecast and waiting for the perfect light. And sometimes it’s about seizing the moment and responding to the conditions.

Landscape photographer, Matt Pinner, was quick to see the potential of a change in the weather when he was out shooting towards the end of April and was rewarded with a shot of a double rainbow over a popular shooting location, Portland Bill lighthouse.

He was so pleased with the result, it’s his favourite image from the month.

Matt Pinner's favourite image of April

Why have you chosen this image?

After months of trying to get a rainbow shot, I was on a one-to-one tuition session when the weather started to turn for the worse. Neither of us wanted to stop shooting, we were on a roll and you never quite know how things will develop, so we carried on through the wind and rain.

It didn’t take me too long to realise what a good move it was to keep my camera out as suddenly a rainbow appeared over Portland lighthouse. As I got ready to take the shot I realised that it wasn’t just a single rainbow, but a double rainbow.

I couldn’t believe that after all that waiting and keeping an eye on the forecast for ‘rainbow conditions’, I didn’t get just one but two rainbows in the same shot! And it was completely by chance.

Were there any particular challenges?

That image looks nice and sunny, but those dark clouds tell a tale. Rainbows need two things to appear, sunshine and rain. The sun wasn’t a problem but the rain was a different matter, I had to be careful to avoid getting my camera soaked!

Location/Subject: Portland Bill lighthouse, Dorset 
Time the shot was taken: 6:30pm
Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV
Lens: 17-35mm 
Exposure: ISO 100, F13

To find out more about Matt and his photography follow this link to visit his website.

Landscape Photographer, Matt Pinner's favourite image of April 2018
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Landscape Photographer, Matt Pinner's favourite image of April 2018
After months of looking for an opportunity to photograph a rainbow, landscape photographer Matt Pinner was treated to a double rainbow during a shoot at Portland Bill.
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Camera Jabber
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