News |Kodak Ektachrome film to return by 2018

Kodak Ektachrome film to return by 2018

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Kodak announced earlier this year that it had plans to resurrect its classic Ektachrome film, but nothing more was ever heard about it. And, to be honest, we here at Camera Jabber hadn’t thought it about it since.

However, Kodak appears to be making good on its promise following a casual conversation with a follower on its Facebook page.

After said follower asked about an ETA for Ektachrome’s return, Kodak replied, stating: “We’re working towards having limited supply of Ektachrome film available for market testing by year end with availability in 2018.”

There have been no other follow-up statements from Kodak beyond what’s been published on its official social media profiles, but if true this would be a remarkable turn of events for a company that has struggled in recent years.

Via The Phoblographer

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