News |Kenro unveils new Nanguang budget LED lights and panels

Kenro unveils new Nanguang budget LED lights and panels


Photo and video distributor Kenro has revealed a series of new budget LED lights and panels from the manufacturer NanGuang.

Designed for stills and video use, the new NanGuang lighting systems offer continuous light output with low power consumption, Kenro says.

Priced at just £209.94, the NanGuang LED Studio Light Panel (CN-T340) presents a soft, diffused, flicker-free light aimed at product and portrait photography, offering a colour temperature of 5600K.

Other features include a step-less dimmer control for adjusting the 68W power output, and illumination is 4020 LM. Kendo says the 340 LEDS have an average life of 50,000 hours. 

It measures 420 x 350mm and is 55mm deep.

The NanGuang LED Studio Light (CN-T504), price tag £263.94, offers a larger and more powerful light source, with 504 LEDs. Illumination is 6000 LM and overall power is 100W, again with step-less dimmer control. The CN-T504 measures 725 x 125mm and is even slimmer at 52mm deep.

Priced at just £71.94, the NanGuang LED Fresnel Light (CN-20FC) is designed to be used on both a camera hotshoe or tripod. Compact and featuring two high-efficiency LEDs, the CN-20FC offers flicker-free light output at a max 20W, with flood and spotlight adjustment from 15-55 degrees. It also features adjustable colour temperature and step-less dimmer controls, as well as built-in barn door diffusors.

A bit more expensive at £239.94, the larger NanGuang LED Fresnel Light (CN-30F) focuses light from a narrow to wide beam at 12-35 degrees. Power output is 30W, with illumination of 2404 LM and a fixed 5600K colour temperature. The head comes with a range of accessories such as barn doors and filters in a fitted case.

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