News |Kenro releases affordable Saramonic mic range

Kenro releases affordable Saramonic mic range


Kenro has announced three new Saramonic mic’s that have been designed for use with CSC’s and SLR’s. This new range is aimed at those just getting into film making and are looking for a serious solution to audio recording.

Alongside the three new mic’s Kenro will also be introducing a new XLR shotgun microphone kit, this will appeal to more advanced users looking for broadcast quality sound or a microphone solution for recording to a separate audio recorder.

Audio is an important factor when it comes to film making but can often get overlooked, especially if the film maker is from a stills background. Although most cameras, both SLR and CSC, offer sound recording the options they offer and the quality at which the internal mic records is often woefully lacking.

However whilst the internal microphones are unable to provide the quality recording required, most cameras will offer a 3.5mm mic input where a higher quality mic can be easily attached.


Image shows the PMIC1

The quality difference once an external mic is introduced into the mix is instantly apparent, and most cameras offer a relatively decent range of manual audio adjustments that can be used to fine tune the recording levels of the attached external mic. The new PMIC range from Saramonic have been designed for exactly this use and are aimed at those just getting into film making with their CSC or SLR.

The first of the three is the Saramonic Super Cardioid Unidirectional Condenser Microphone PMIC. This mic is designed as the first step towards better quality audio, with a lightweight shotgun style design that enables it to sit comfortably in a cold shoe mount.

It features a low cut filter (100 Hz) that helps to cut down on rumble and low frequency noise whilst boosting the intelligibility of dialogue. The PMIC doesn’t require a battery and connects directly to the cameras 3.5mm socket. To help prevent wind noise a foam windscreen is also part of the package.


Image shows the PMIC2

The two other releases are the Saramonic Stereo Condenser Microphone PMIC2 and the Saramonic Surround Condenser Microphone PMIC3 and these come with all the benefits of the PMIC1 but offer an alternative 75Hz low cut filter to deal with still lower frequencies. The PMIC2 adds stereo to the mix, while the PMIC3 is a surround condenser microphone to bring engaging surround ambience to a recording.


Image shows the PMIC3

The new Saramonic mics have been priced to appeal to the entry level market, with the PMIC1 carrying an SRP of £62.34, while the PMIC2 is £87.54 and the PMIC3 £124.74.

If you’re looking for a pro level microphone then the Saramonic  SRAXM3 kit, which comprises two XLR shotgun-style cardioid microphones with foam windshields will have an SRP of £250.74.

Are cheap action cameras worth it?




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