News |Kenro launches carbon fibre KENVT102C video tripod

Kenro launches carbon fibre KENVT102C video tripod

Kenro launches carbon fibre KENVT102C video tripod

Kenro has announced the KENVT102C – price tag £288.36 – a new carbon fibre standard video tripod kit which includes the VH01B Ball Base Fluid Head.

Designed for use with camcorders and DSLR cameras, the new carbon fibre Kenro Standard Video Tripod Kit (KENVT102C) is manufactured in eight layers of carbon fibre, with aluminium alloy castings.

The lightweight tripod weighs in at just 2.8kg, Kenro says, and offers a 6kg maximum load capacity. Its maximum working height is 1,700mm.

The three-section, flip-lock legs adjust out for low-level filming (minimum working height 250mm) and the tops of the legs are lined with a layer of rubber foam, allowing for a firm grip while carrying the tripod.

Also included in the kit is the Kenro VH01B smooth action, two-way, fluid pan head with built-in spirit level and quick release plate.

The head also features a handy ball and socket leveling platform that allows for quick adjustments without needing to alter the leg lengths.

Also available in this range is an aluminium model with the same spec, KENVT102 (£175.50 inc VAT) and for those wanting twin-tube, aluminium legs, check out the KENVT103 (£225.72 inc VAT).

The Kenro KENVT102C is covered by a 6-year limited warranty.


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