News |Kenro launches new NanGuang light panels

Kenro launches new NanGuang light panels

NanGuang light panels

Kenro Ltd, have announced the addedion of two new NanGuang light panels to their exsisting range; the NanGuang CNT2240 LED bi-colour studio light and the NanGuang Professional Photo / Video CN900DSP LED Portable Lighting Head Kit.

Constant lighting has become big news in recent years and with good reason. The powerful LEDs that lie at the heart of the panel provide solid constant and balanced light that provides flattering and easy to control illumination.

LED constant light also remains cool throughout the shoot, so there’s no worries about subjects, especially kids, sticking their fingers into hot bulbs and causing themselves injury.

Stills is one aspect but with video becomes an increasing important avenue for paid work,  the need for flexible lighting suitable for both stills and video is also an important purchasing factor.

The first of the two new lights is the NanGuang CNT2240C LED ‘bi-colour’ studio light. This is the largest panel of the range at 700 x 498 x 71mm, and is rated at 200W. It uses high-efficiency SMT LEDs to provide a soft, gentle light, which can be diffused in the usual way.

It also features a stepless dimmer for the lamps brightness and colour temperature, this is ideal if you’re working in mixed lighting conditions. The colour temperature adjustment has plenty of scope for adjustment from 3200 to 5600k (CRI 95, illumination 13661 LM).

The construction is from high quality thermoplastic polymer ABS, this is the same plastic used in LEGO bricks, so is incredibly robust with just a bit of flex that is needed in order to ensure the units durability.

Unlike other forms of lighting, LEDs are not generally replaceable, but the unit has an average life expectancy for the 2240 LED’s of 50,00 hours.

The kit includes the light head, light stand clamp, diffuser cloth and 240V AC power adapter.

SRP is £658.20 including VAT.

The second new addition is the  NanGuang Professional Photo / Video CN900DSP LED Portable Lighting Head Kit. This kit is designed for use by videographers and again features the stepless dimming feature that can be controlled on the unit of via DMX.

The kit is comprehensive and includes the head, barn doors, orange filter, diffuser, extra soft diffuser, power adapter, and a fitted carry case (total weight approximately 5kg).

This kit isn’t just designed to work in the studio and to add to its flexibility of use, it can powered by 240V AC mains adapter (included), Sony V-lock battery, Panasonic 16.8V, or Anton mount battery (no batteries included).

The power output is 54W via 900 LEDs and illumination is 7680 Lux (1m). Colour temperature is 3200K (using included orange filter) / 5600K (no filter). Dimensions: 417 x 393 x 80mm.

SRP is £639.96 including VAT.

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