News |Kenro announce new carbon fibre gimbal head

Kenro announce new carbon fibre gimbal head

KENGHC1 Gimbal Tripod Head

Kenro Ltd, continue their active equipment drive with the release of the KENGHC1 Gimbal Tripod Head.

Gimbals are often overlooked but are an absolute essential when it comes to wildlife, sport or any other type of photography where you need to use large cumbersome lenses.

The job of the gimbal is to supply easy free flowing movement whist still providing support so that you can capture pin sharpe images from a distance.

In the past  gimbals have cost a fortune but in recent years the price has finally started to reduce with high quality heads such as the KENGHC1 Gimbal Tripod Head coming in at less than £300.

The KENGHC1 Gimbal Tripod Head has a carbon fibre and aluminium construction and features an elevated tilt mechanism and height-adjustable platform, making it suitable for a wide range of cameras. This flexibility over the adjustment enables you to perfectly align the tilt axis of the head with the camera and lens to get the perfect balance.

As the job of a gimbal is to provide you freedom of movement the KENGHC1 Gimbal Tripod Head features a 360-degree smooth panning base and swing arm and both of these feature separate locks.

The KENGHC1 Gimbal Tripod Head can support weight up to 15kg. The KENGHC1 Gimbal Tripod Head uses a 150mm Arca swiss style baseplate.

SRP is £269.94 including VAT.

Paul Kench, Kenro’s managing director says:

Our new Kenro Gimbal Head is ideal for DSLR users who use a large lens for long-distance and fast moving subjects. Because of its carbon fibre construction, it is much lighter than normal to carry at 1.3kg, yet sturdy enough to remain very stable when in use. Plus, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the price, compared to other leading brand photo equipment.

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