Kenko launches AB600-R AI flashgun

Kenko launches AB600-R AI flashgun

Kenko has announced the AB600-R AI, or ‘Advanced Intelligence’, flashgun that aims to automate the off-camera lighting process.

Among the key features of the AB600-R is a 3D ‘AI’ Auto-Bounce feature that automatically calculates the most appropriate angle of light-bounce from the wall or ceiling when using bounce flash.

In theory, this eliminates the test shots and trial and error involved with bouncing light from your flashgun.

The Kenko AB600-R also boasts an Auto Lock function. This allows the user to switch to manual mode and adjust the bounce angle based on the automatically determined angle. The flashgun will then remember this adjustment when the camera is in portrait or landscape format.

Other features include a guide number of 60 (ISO 100 at 200mm), optical and radio 2.4GHz wireless control and built-in radio transmitting and receiving for master to slave remote control.

The Kenko AB600-R AI’s light coverage angle is equivalent to 18-200mm, and the flashgun has a micro USB port for updating firmware.

The Kenko AB600-R AI flashgun is compatible with Nikon, Canon and Sony cameras, with a price tag of £399.