Kandao updates QooCam with new SmartClip auto video editor

Kandao adds 3D Photo functionality to QooCam

Kandao has update the companion app for its dual 360 and 3D 180 VR QooCam camera with a new automatic video editing feature called SmartClip.

SmartClip provides beginners or those looking to make quick edits with pre-made templates templates that you can use to convert 360 footage into fixed frame short video clips.

Kandao’s app allows users to frame their videos after they’re shot by selecting the vantage point you want to follow. The app will then export a traditional flat video. This is similar to what GoPro and Insta360 offer in the Fusion and ONE and ONE X.

SmartClip aims to make this reframing process simpler by offering step-by-step on how to shoot and dial in settings for different effects.

Kandao says that the company will introduce more templates in future updates.