Kandao launches QooCam 8K 360 camera

Kandao has announced the QooCam 8K, its latest 360 camera which can record 8K video and capture 12-bit Raw footage.

Kandao launches QooCam 8K 360 camera

Kandao has announced the QooCam 8K, price tag €600, its latest 360 camera which can record 8K video and capture 12-bit Raw footage.

Besides the 8K resolution, Kandao’s QooCam 8K can shoot 10-bit video. Or by using the QooCam’s Raw+ function, which can increase the dynamic range and details of a photo while reducing the noise based on the 8K resolution, users can convert a 12-bit raw file into 16-bit for more editing flexibility.

The QooCam 8K can also record immersive 360 video in 4K resolution at 120fps. The new Kandao camera supports H.264 /H.265. video coding formats and offers 64GB of internal storage space and also offers an SD card slot.

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Kandao’s press announcement states:

Capture it all – Higher Resolution with More details

While enjoying the advantages of a 360-degree camera that can capture spherical footage with all details included, users are also facing a challenge of resolution limitation. QooCam 8K, however, overcome this challenge by its high-quality fisheye lenses and a 1/1.7” sensor which enables it to achieve the pro-level image quality up to 8K (30 megapixel). The camera allows 12bit Raw capture as well.

Also, the camera offers built-in automated image stacking for raw file, Kandao Raw+, which can increase the dynamic range and details of a photo while reducing the noise based on the 8K resolution. As a result, the camera performs as well as an APS-C camera, allowing users to take high-quality images regardless of the light situation: cloudy, sunny, indoor, outdoor, etc.

Freedom of movement – Smoother & Superior Stability

Not only the still images, but also the video shooting is dramatically improved. The camera can shoot remarkably smooth and immersive 360-degree videos in 4K at 120 frames per second.

Moreover, Kandao’s patented stabilization, Super Steady, which uses 6-axis gyro and IMU for electronic stabilization help users to enjoy the freedom of handheld shooting without a gimbal. By eliminating the camera shake, cinematic smooth footage can be achieved easily even you are running. Therefore, QooCam 8K could be used as an action camera as well.

See and Control – Bigger Touchscreen

QooCam 8K also squeezes a 2.4-inch OLED touchscreen in the compact camera body. It allows users not only to have a glance at the shooting information, but also can preview, playback and even adjust the parameters in real-time without using a smart-phone like before, thus greatly improving the operability of the camera itself.

QooCam 8K

Create Your Story – Full-featured Editing tool

All footage can be edited in the QooCam App or QooCam Studio and the 360 editing is user-friendly and approachable supporting both quick and advanced editing regarding your needs. You can reframe the 360 videos into the regular videos with some unique perspectives, or keep the panoramic form with some interesting effects, like slow-motion. There are also some ready-to-use templates of SmartClip which helps beginners to edit 360 videos like a pro.

Take Vlogging Easier – SuperVlog

If you don’t want to film a 360 video and make efforts to reframe it into fixed frames video afterward, there is a faster way for you to choose. With the help of the screen, QooCam S provides a vlog mode, Super Vlog, for users to capture flat videos directly. Users can film a portrait or landscape video while previewing the recording in real-time. The fixed size footage will be saved directly in the camera. Therefore, it is not only a revolutionary tool for producing 360 content, but also one of the best devices for a vlog.

Innovation Makes Change – 8K Express Edit

Another stunning function on QooCam App is 8K Express Edit that users can edit the 8K footage on the phone via a 4K proxy file. Handling the 8K footage on the phone is a huge challenge because of the limitation of smartphone decoding capability. QooCam 8K, however, smartly uses a 4K video file as a proxy file to edit, and generate the full resolution in the final exporting. In this way, users can generate high-quality videos without a professional PC.

Instant 360 Live Streaming – Real Immersion

QooCam 8K, a pocketable consumer camera, can live stream high quality 360 degree video in 4K with real-time stitching inside the camera. It is compatible with almost all platforms, including Facebook and Youtube. In the upcoming 5G era, QooCam 8K makes 360-degree live streaming more affordable and accessible, leading to a new way to broadcast everyday life for normal people.

Kandao QooCam 8K 360-degree camera is now available for pre-order with shipping in December.

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