Is Nikon planning a 60MP Z camera?

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Leaked screenshots from an alleged user manual indicate Nikon could be planning to release a 60-megapixel Z camera.

Nikon Rumors posted screenshots from the Japanese-language manual for a Nikon camera that offers a 60-megapixel sensor and 16-bit raw files (NEF).

Is Nikon planning a 60MP Z camera?

Nikon already has a big-resolution camera in its full-frame mirrorless range in the form of the Nikon Z7, which offers 45.7-million-pixel resolution.

It’s possible the manual, if real, could also relate to a DSLR, such as the Nikon D6 that was announced recently as a development project. Or, if we were really going out on a limb, what if it was a Nikon Df 2?!

In the meantime, Canon has also been linked several times to reports that it is developing a big-resolution EOS R camera.