iPhone shutter sound is a Canon AE-1

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If the shutter sound your iPhone makes when you take a picture has always sounded eerily familiar, that’s because it’s actually a sample of a Canon AE-1 shutter from the 1970s.

Jim Reekes, a sound engineer at Apple in the late 1980s, is responsible for the shutter sound, which is also the noise you hear when making a screenshot on an Apple Mac.

Speaking to CNBC, Reekes said he recorded the shutter sound for Apple using a Canon AE-1 he bought in high school.

“Any time you take a photo with the iPhone it’s my camera, which kind of freaks me out because, even to this day when I hear people take photos with their iPhone I look to see who stole my camera,” Reekes said.

We’re wondering… does this settle the long-standing Canon vs Nikon debate?

Via PetaPixel