We’re in the midst of testing the iPhone 7 Plus and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV for separate purposes, and then we had an idea… I wonder how they compare on image quality?

We took advantage of a sunny autumn day and dragged a willing friend outside for an impromptu portrait photography shoot with the iPhone 7 Plus and Canon EOS 5D Mark IV and included links to the full-resolution versions of both in the gallery below.

What do you think? Before looking at them at full-res can you tell which is which? Can you tell even at full res?

I’ve found that images look great on the small screen of an iPhone, but as soon as you open them on a computer, or even just zoom in on the phone itself, you can see that sort of fake Photoshop look start to creep in.

That said, the 5D Mark IV seems to be producing cooler shots than I’d expect from Canon usually.

It’s worth saying, by the way, that Apple’s Portrait Mode is only in beta at the moment – so it may yet get even better.

Watch this space…

IPhone 7 Plus Vs Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

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