News |iPhone 7 Plus users report overheating, black screen with camera

iPhone 7 Plus users report overheating, black screen with camera

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A number of iPhone 7 Plus users are reporting error messages regarding overheating and problems using the smartphone’s camera.

The iPhone 7 Plus camera problem came to light on Reddit when user teryakiwok posted a thread in which he reported getting an error message on his iPhone 7 Plus that stated: “Emergency – iPhone needs to cool down”.

The error message appeared when he tried to start the camera, even though the phone wasn’t hot.

Soon other iPhone users chimed in to report a similar issue, with some saying they had it fixed at one of Apple’s Genius Bars.

Meanwhile, further reports from Apple users on Twitter and Facebook claim that the iPhone 7 Plus screen sometimes goes black when instead of displaying an image preview. Others reported streaks of colour.

As Tech Times reports, the issue appears to have been reported by users since early October, which means Apple’s recent iOS 10.2 update shouldn’t be the issue. This would then indicate the problem is a hardware issue affecting a specific batch of iPhone 7 Plus units.

The Tech Times report states Apple is offering to repair or replace all units experiencing this problem with the iPhone 7 Plus camera.

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