News |Interview with Nikon’s Tim Carter about the KeyMission 360

Interview with Nikon’s Tim Carter about the KeyMission 360

Nikon keymission 360 connection

Tim Carter is the Senior Product Manager – Imaging at Nikon UK. Following the Nikon KeyMission 360 launch event at the London Science Museum I had a few question’s I wanted to ask him about the Nikon’s move into the action camera market and of course about the KeyMission 360 itself.

Why a 360 action camera from Nikon?

Tim Carter: Nikon always like to keep at the front of imaging developments and 360 video is very cutting edge. Using our great optical experience we have created a small, simple and easy to use, true 360 camera that is ready to create and share 360 video and still content that can be used in the fast growing VR environment. Our KeyMission 360 will be the first true 360 camera that records with no dead spots that is waterproof and shockproof.

What do you feel Nikon bring to the action camera market?

Tim Carter: We have a great history in creating high quality tough cameras so this is a natural progression for us. We have used our high quality Nikkor lenses in all three products which means people can capture their missions without worrying about if the camera is up to the job. We have also created a full range of mounts and accessories to go with the KeyMission range.

How do you see people using snap bridge app and utility with the 360 and 170?

Tim Carter: The new software has been designed to make using these two cameras as simple as possible. The app allows the user to change the camera settings, get a live preview to compose their recording, start and stop recording, take stills and download the contend they have recorded. The desktop software is great for viewing and editing and has a great save for YouTube function that tags the move so once uploaded, it can be viewed in 360 mode.

Can you give as an insight into how I get the KeyMission 360 experience on my phone?

Tim Carter: Once files are uploaded toYouTube or Facebook you can experience your content in 360 by moving you phone around to change the point of view. You can also use the touch screen to drag the movie around.

What software do I need to edit the 360 footage?

Tim Carter: Our desktop software allows you to trim, save a frame, add background music, add effects like fade in / out and convert to monochrome, create a digest movie and save for YouTube.

Do you have a single tip for those using the KeyMission 360?

Tim Carter: Try to keep movement of the camera while filming as smooth as possible. This allows for a better VR experience if the intended audience is using a VR headset. This, coupled with the built in electronic vibration reduction helps to create the best quality 360 video.

If there’s one feature of the KeyMission 360 you would like me to look at during the review what would it be?

Tim Carter: I would try to highlight the ruggedness of the camera, it will be the first true 360 camera that can really deal with the knocks and scrapes of being used outside and in challenging environments.

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