News |Insta360 updates ONE R with horizon lock, loop recording

Insta360 updates ONE R with horizon lock, loop recording

Insta360 ONE R: price, specs revealed

Insta360 has announced a major firmware update for its flagship ONE R camera, adding new horizon lock and loop recording features, among other performance enhancements.

Aimed at action videos, the new horizon levelling feature is available for the ONE R’s 4K and 1-inch Mods. Enabling Horizon Lock keeps your footage upright and level when filming in the Pro video mode at 30fps. There’s also a 360-degree Horizon Lock setting.

The Insta360 ONE R’s new Loop Recording mode allows for continuous video recording. The new feature works with all of the ONE R’s lens mods and provides a max record time of 30 minutes.

Loop recording means that if you’re waiting for a key moment you can shoot continuously waiting for it to happen, ensuring you get the key footage.

Other new features include a 4K @ 50fps video recording option on the 4K and 1-inch Mods, a new Vivid colour profile for the 1-inch Mod and four new image sharpness options across all the Mods.

Insta360 has also added new editing features, such as new Shot Lab templates like Horizon Flip and Overtaker. There’s also a new underwater colour correction algorithm, AquaVision 2.0 and Car MultiView, which creates a split screen of the road ahead and your car’s interior.

The firmware update is available now via the Insta360 iOS and Android apps.


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1 year ago

Loop Recording mode allows for continuous video recording” no it is not continuously recording so please don’t call it that, the whole insta360 lineup suffers from this problem. every 30 mins there is a gap in the recording. up to 1 min even. Just because it can “shoot” continuously does not mean it “records” continuously, please note this difference. this completely ruins any real-time driving motorcycle hiking etc video recording. so buyers beware of the insta360 line if you want to record for longer periods than 30mins look elsewhere. don’t waste your money like I did because influencers YouTubers and reviewers don’t mention this.