Insta360 teases new ‘smooth’ camera launch on March 20

Insta360 teases new ‘smooth’ camera launch on March 20

Insta360 will debut a new 360 camera on March 20 that appears to promise ‘smooth’ built-in stabilisation for steadier videos.

The company sent an email out to its subscribers today titled ‘move smooth’ with the tagline ‘The next generation of cameras is built to move.’

The video doesn’t give too much away. One segment says ‘Moves with your best friend’ and shows a dog running through a field in a first clip labeled ‘unstabilised.’

The second clip shows the same sequence with stabilisation and the effect on the video is much steadier and smoother. Subsequent clips show a butterfly farm and cityscapes. You can watch the video below.

That’s about all we’re able to ascertain at this point. We’ll bring you more details as they arrive about this new Insta360 camera on March 20th.