Insta360 shows off light field camera prototype

Insta360 shows off light field camera prototype

Insta360 has displayed a new prototype light field camera at CES called the 6DOF that allows users to move through a scene.

The Insta360 6DOF stands for ‘six degrees of freedom’ of movement and allows users to change their perspective on a scene by moving forward or backward or to the side. You can also get high and low viewing angles. However movement is limited to just 1.5 feet in any direction.

The Insta360 6DOF employs 128 individual cameras in a grid on a panel that looks more like LED lighting than cutting edge imaging.

Digital Trends, which spoke to Insta360 at CES, says that the 6DOF at the moment produces a 180-degree field of view but the camera can ‘easily scale up to 360.’

Insta360 also debuted a new professional stereoscopic 360 camera at CES, which boasts eight lenses and 4/3-inch image sensors. The company says its bigger sensors will improve its dynamic range and low-light performance.

Image via Digital Trends