News |Insta360 Pro V2.0 adds 12K photos, major functionality overhaul

Insta360 Pro V2.0 adds 12K photos, major functionality overhaul

Insta360 Pro will get 15K res images via new firmware update

Insta360 has announced a significant new firmware update to the Insta360 Pro, which adds 12K super high-resolution images and a range of new functionality.

Insta360 launched the beta for the Insta360 Pro V2.0, which is all about image quality improvements. Chief among these is a new 12K super high-resolution still image capability.

With the new firmware the Insta360 Pro can now take a burst of 10 8K photos in rapid succession, then them into one high-res 12K photo – for both stereoscopic (3D) and monoscopic shooting modes.

Insta360 says the output resolution of super-resolution photos can be manually adjusted within a range of 8.2K (the maximum resolution for the GearVR headset) to 12K.

Insta360 says it has also improved the Pro’s dynamic range, clarity and white balance ‘from the ground up’, and images and videos now retain fine details even in their darker-coloured regions. The company says the new firmware also greatly improves the Insta360 Pro’s noise reduction.

Another new feature, Optical Flow Interpolation and Manual Framerate Adjustment, means users can now export a video at their desired framerate without using any third-party software.

In fact, Insta360 says that with the Optical Flow Interpolation algorithm, users can now double the original frame rate of any video they capture. For example, a video originally captured at 120fps can be exported at 240fps. Previously they weren’t able to manually adjust a video’s framerate.

The video below shows how optical flow interpolation can be used to boost frame rates.

All-New Exposure Curves and Brightness Histogram

PhotoShop users are familiar with the Curves feature, a powerful tool that allows for fine-grained adjustment of color and tone across an image during the editing process.

Insta360 Pro V2.0 also introduces a new Exposure Curves tool that employs the same concept that Photoshop made famous but applies it to the shooting stage.

Before shooting with the Insta360 Pro, users will now be able to manually adjust an Exposure Curve in real-time to fine tune their tones and colour for both photos or videos.

Insta360 Pro V2.0 also adds a new brightness histogram, which again works in real time to let users adjust the brightness in various regions of an image.

The video below shows how Exposure Curves work.

Other new features include new Insta360 Stitcher software, which can connect directly to the Insta360 Pro and process image stitching directly on the Pro’s chip.

The firmware update also makes it easier to record live 360 videos in 4K on Facebook. Insta360, through the support of Facebook, has developed a new tool to ensure smooth 4K live-streaming on the platform.

Zenith Stitching Optimization now allows Insta360 Pro users to create a better stitch in challenging conditions. The company says: “Previously, challenging shooting environments sometimes resulted in images with a small cone-shaped aberration at the highest point.

“Now, a simple toggle switch will allow creators to achieve a zenith that looks exactly like it should.”

Other enhancement include a new ability to format your SD cards on the camera rather than on the computer, plus a Netgear Nighthawk M1 Mobile Router that can extend the Pro’s Wi-Fi range to a radius of up to 195 feet (60 meters).

Click here for more details on the Insta360 Pro firmware update, and click here to download.

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