Insta360 Pro is the first camera Google certifies capable of vehicle mounted use

Insta360 Pro will get 15K res images via new firmware update

Google has certified the Insta360 Pro as the only camera that is currently ‘Street View Auto Ready’ for use with its Street View program.

According to Google, this is a category reserved for “advanced cameras that offer high-speed, high-accuracy Street View capture and publishing.”

Google said it will also use 50 Insta360 Pro cameras to help extend its range of collection capabilities under the search giant’s Street View camera loan program for photographers, travelers and organisations that want to make 360 contributions to Street View.

Devices recognized in Google’s ‘Street View ready’ program are those that the tech giant deems capable of contributing quality 360-degree images to Google Street View, which gives users an immersive street-level view of the world through Google Maps.

Insta360 Pro users will be able to control the camera via the Street View app and upload their photos and videos directly to Street View using the free Insta360 Stitcher software.

It’s also worth noting that an upcoming firmware update will add a new 5fps 8K shooting mode to the Insta360 Pro and will support an optional USB accessory to automatically append GPS data to 360 images and video.

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