Insta360 partners with Mistika VR stitching software

Insta360 Pro will get 15K res images via new firmware update

Insta360 has announced a partnership with stitching software maker Mistika VR, which will offer users of the Insta360 Pro camera more post-production control over editing.

As part of the partnership, the Insta360 Pro’s calibration libraries have been integrated into Mistika VR, the company says, allowing the software to stitch Insta360 Pro footage. Insta360 says:

Following the Mistika VR integration, Insta360 Pro users will still enjoy unlimited free access to Insta360 Stitcher, Insta360’s proprietary stitching software. Insta360 Stitcher is perfect for processing footage at high quality and with minimal effort.

Mistika VR solves this problem by allowing creators to bend their stitch lines dynamically, so that they can steer clear of key objects, even in dense, complex scenes. Once the lines are set, Mistika VR stitches blazingly fast.

With its precision controls and the newly integrated Insta360 Pro stitching libraries, Mistika VR is ready to help Pro users create seamless, high-fidelity experiences.