Insta360 ONE X brings 5.7K video, cinema slow-mo

Insta360 ONE X brings 5.7K video, cinema slow-mo

Insta360 has announced its latest flagship 360 camera, introducing the ONE X, which brings 5.7K video at 30fps, cinematic slow-motion videos and revamped stabilisation.

A successor to the ONE, the Insta360 ONE X shoots 4K at 50fps and 3K at 100fps in addition to its 5.7K 30fps footage. It can also record 18-megapixel still images.

Insta360 says it has also upgraded its FlowState stabilisation technology’s algorithm so that it can now analyse movement in all directions and produce stable video with no accessories required. Insta360 released a video comparing its new revamped FlowState stabilisation to GoPro’s new HyperSmooth stabilisation in the Hero7 Black.

The Insta360 ONE X also employs a new TimeShift feature, which allows users to adjust the speed of different parts of a video, including cinematic slow-motion to emphasise key moments.

TimeShift also allows you to frame your shot in any direction within your spherical video footage. The ONE X’s editing app also allows users to re-frame footage from any vantage point. The app also promises to remove your selfie stick from footage, giving the impression that the ONE X is floating in mid-air.

Other features include a Bullet Time shot, inherited from the ONE, in which the camera captures footage from an orbiting perspective.

There’s also a new Drifter camera dart accessory in which you can snap the ONE X and throw it to capture airborne slow-motion footage Insta360 calls Drift Shots.

There’s manual control over ISO, exposure value, white balance and shutter speed, plus a removable 1200 mAh battery, built-in WiFi and Lighting, USB Type-C and Micro USB ports.

The Insta360 ONE X price tag will be $399.95.