Insta360 has announced that it will launch a new camera on August 28th, releasing a new teaser video that suggests it could have built-in stabilisation.

Insta360 caused quite a stir releasing a clip via Engadget which appears to show a camera recording video as it orbits around a subject.

The company revealed little else, except for the date of August 28th and the line ‘everything epic in one’.

Mic Ty at 360 Rumors sheds some more light on the new Insta360 launch, sharing a conversation he had five months ago on Facebook with Insta360 CEO JK Liu who mentioned then that the company was working on the ’Nano 2’.

Liu also said that the ‘Nano 2’ would feature built-in gyro stabilization and would also not require a phone, as the current Insta360 Nano and Air do.

Ty goes on to predict that the new Insta360 camera will be fully spherical with two lenses, boast in-camera stabilisation and offer a high frames-per-second capactiy (240fps or higher) in order to achieve the effects shown in the video.

Other observations from the video: stitching appears seamless, and the camera can capture a wide dynamic range.

We’ll update this post as we learn more.

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