Insta360 EVO is a foldable camera that shoots 360, 180 3D

Insta360 EVO is a foldable camera that shoots 360, 180 3D

Insta360 has announced the EVO, a new foldable camera that shoots both 360 and 180 3D footage and lets you view content on your phone in 3D hologram.

The Insta360 EVO is a small device that plugs into your iOS or Android device and boasts a clever design that lets you fold the lenses together to shoot 360 content, or unfold them for stereoscopic 180 3D footage.

The Insta360 EVO can capture 360 or 180 video at 5.7K resolution, or 18-megapixel stills in both formats.

The EVO joins the Vuze XR and the Kandao Qoocam as the only consumer 360 cameras that can shoot both 360 and 180 3D content.

Another interesting feature of the Insta360 is the HoloFrame, which allows naked-eye playback of your 3D content from a smartphone without the need for glasses.

The HoloFrame, it should be noted, is a separate accessory you’ll need to buy and is sort of a reverse phone case that pops over your iPhone or Android device.

Users can then open their 3D photo or video in the EVO app, which uses eye-tracking to align with a viewer’s gaze and display an image that takes on a lifelike three dimensional form.

Insta360’s FlowState stabilisation technology is also on board, as well as an enhanced 3D stabilisation technology that promises to allow users to move freely to capture a stable shot.

Insta360’s TimeShift mode is also on hand, along with WiFi connectivity and in-app editing tools.

Insta360 EVO Price & Release Date

  • The Insta360 EVO price tag will be $419.99, and is available now.