News |ImageRights launches copyright registration service for photographers

ImageRights launches copyright registration service for photographers

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ImageRights has launched a new dedicated copyright registration service that photographers and agencies can use to register their images with the US Copyright Office.

The company’s new copyright registration tool can be accessed via its website or through a new plugin for Adobe Lightroom. The cost is $99 plus the Copyright Office’s filing fee.

ImageRights launched two years ago and says it has registered more than 600,000 images with the USCO.

ImageRights also offers subscribers help with assessing infringement claims and identifying unauthorised use of your registered images.

ImageRights also inscribes an image’s USCO registration number, date, status and deposit copies into a Bitcoin blockchain through its Blockchain Inscription Service.

The company says that this is not only a faster way to request and pay for deposit copies with the USCO, but it is also useful for validating the authenticity of your images during an infringement claim.

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