News |Huawei to release EnVision 360 camera?

Huawei to release EnVision 360 camera?

Huawei to release EnVision 360 camera?

Huawei plans to release a new 360 camera called the EnVision 360, according to a new trademark application.

The Dutch website Mobielkopen discovered that Huawei made an application to the USTPO on 19 September 2017, to trademark the term ‘Huawei EnVizion 360 Panoramic VR Camera.’

The trademark application goes on to describe the product as “panoramic cameras; lenses for cameras; camera software for mobile phones and computers.”

Mobielkopen also reports that Huawei made another trademark application on the same name a day earlier with Malaysian IP authorities.

This wouldn’t be Huawei’s first foray into the 360 camera market. Earlier this year the phone maker announced a partnership with Insta360, a collaboration from which the Honor VR Camera was born.

The Honor VR Camera was only released in China to test market reaction, but we can only assume the reaction was positive if the company is pressing ahead with another model.

Little more is known about the new Huawei 360 camera beyond the trademark application, but given the company’s partnership with Insta360 it would be reasonable to assume the Huawei EnVision could feature some of the novel technology we saw introduced in the Insta360 ONE last month.

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