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HOW TO... use Exposure Lock on the GoPro Hero

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Exposure lock enables you to lock your camera’s exposure. Exposure Lock has all sorts of uses and is especially useful if the lighting conditions change rapidly.

As standard, the GoPro features auto exposure which will adjust quickly when the scene gets brighter or darker. Although in most situations this is what you want, there are times where this can be a real issue.

Try filming with your GoPro in a tricky lighting situation, for example, stand beneath a bridge hold the camera so your filming a selfie then spin round, as you rotate the camera’s exposure will adjust to ensure to try to balance the exposure.

What will happen is that the camera will struggle to balance the exposure with such a contrast between the light and dark. As the camera attempts to keep up the video will become brighter and darker.

There are all sorts of situations where the lighting for the small cameras becomes difficult. But this issue isn’t just isolated to action cameras and GoPro’s; it’s hard for all cameras.

An easy way to get around it is to lock the exposure. Exposure Lock on the GoPro Hero will help to stop the fluctuations of exposure.

Once the exposure is locked, you may find that the image is too dark or too bright in places but when it comes to editing cutting out those exposure fluctuations will help you to improve your footage and ultimately your edit.

On the GoPro it’s a little-known feature and although many swear by its use most people are entirely unaware.

Activate Exposure Lock on the GoPro Hero

Exposure lock can be activated at any time, either before or during recording by following these simple steps.

  1. Tap the video icon on to ensure the GoPro is in video mode
  2. Press your finger onto the screen for two seconds
  3. You’ll see a white boundry box appear around the edges of the screen and then reduce
  4. Lift of your finger and you’ll see a small box has appeared
  5. Tap on an are of the screen to move the exposure box
  6. At the base of the screen select auto or lock
  7. Tap the tick to confirm your selection and exit the screen
  8. Now as you film the exposure will be locked

How to use Exposure Lock on the GoPro Hero
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How to use Exposure Lock on the GoPro Hero
The latest GoPro Hero range of cameras all have a hidden feature, Exposure Lock. In this tutorial we show you how to use Exposure Lock on the GoPro Hero
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