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HOW TO... get great GoPro audio

How to get great GoPro audio

One of the biggest complaints we’ve seen about the recent GoPro range has to do with audio. But, what few realise is that actually, the audio features on the GoPro Hero6 are some of the most advanced seen on any action camera. Here we’re going to show you how to get great GoPro audio.

Before we start, you can check out this feature on the basic issues around GoPro audio, essentially the solution as we discuss in that feature isn’t elegant, but it does work so let’s take a look.

The solution makes use of the GoPro audio adapter. This is a USB-C device that simply plugs into the side of the GoPro and enables you to then plug in a mic with a common 3.5mm audio jack.

The adapter will set you back about £45 but it’s well worth it when coupled with the Rode VideoMicro.

Once all is connected you can then go in and adjust the settings. Firstly the audio input volume.

The way to test the setting you need is to quickly record some sample audio and then listen to it back. If you need the mic more or less sensitive then swipe the screen left and firstly make sure you have ProTune switched on. Read more about how to do that here. 

Now on the right you’ll see Audio options. Tap to adjust the audio processing. Off means that there will be no audio processing and the GoPro will capture RAW audio. Low means a low amount of processing based on the manual audio selection of wind and or stereo, high applies full audio processing.

As well as the basic audio input sensitivity if you swipe left to the last menu you’ll see the Manual Audio Control. Here you have two options Wind Only and Stereo Only.

How to get great GoPro audio

By default, this option is set to off enabling the camera to automatically switch between the two filters.

When to use GoPro Wind Only

On a windy day when filming outdoors, you may want the GoPro switched to this mode. This helps to filter out wind noise.

When to use GoPro Stereo Only

This option is best selected in an environment where you know there will be no wind and makes the most of the stereo recording capability of the GoPro.

These are just the basic options, but where everything gets interesting is with the GoPro > Preferences > Audio Input.

These options enable you to select the type of mic you’re using.

Standard Mic: This option is used for any standard non-powered mic like the Rode VideoMicro.

Standard Mic+: Using this option gives any standard non-powered mic a 20dB boost.

Powered Mic: Designed for mics with internal power like the Rode Video Mic Pro.

Powered Mic+: As with the Standard Mic+ this option gives the powered Mic a 20dB boost.

Line in: This option can be used with professional audio equipment or any audio device that supports line-level output.

The differences that these simple options will make to your audio are huge, give it a go and let us know how you get on.

How to get great GoPro audio
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How to get great GoPro audio
In this feature I'll take a look at how to get great gopro audio using the GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic adapter and GoPro's inbuilt audio settings.
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