HOW TO... get colour right in camera with Ashley Karyl

Get Colour Right in Camera

Today’s digital camera’s are highly tuned with advanced automatic metering and colour balance. However despite the huge steps forward in technology if you want to get colour right in camera then you’ll need to ensure that your camera is correctly calibrated.

X-Rite specialise in a range or colour calibration tools for stills and video and one of the most useful products for any photographer on the move has to be the compact X-Rite ColorChecker Passport.

This small wallet sized chart will happily slip into a pocket and can be produced whenever you need your images colour to be absolutely spot on. The ColorChecker Passport contains three calibration charts that can be used out in the field to set the camera custom white balance or back in the studio using the ColorChecker Calibration software.

In this video Ashley Karyl runs through the ColorChecker Passports charts and explains why they’re essential to getting colour right.

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