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HOW TO... attach a GoPro Hero5 / Hero6 to the Karma Grip

GoPro’s Karma Grip is a robust, well-built accessory for your action camera that really gives your video footage a stable, professional feel. But I know I’m not the only photographer who wondered, when taking it out of the box, how to attach the GoPro Hero5 to the Karma Grip.

I found the instructions not entirely clear!

As you can see inside the cage mounted to the top of the Karma Grip, there are two male ports that are designed to plug into the female ports on your Hero5 camera. These ports connect the two devices and keep them in sync.

But you’ve probably noticed there is a troublesome door on the side of your Hero5 blocking access to the female ports. Opening the door prohibits the action camera from sliding into the Karma Grip’s cage, and it might seem puzzling to first-timers how to connect your Hero5 to the Karma Grip.

GoPro says to remove the compartment door, but it’s not exactly clear on how to take it off. And you can be forgiven for wanting to tug too hard at your new £399 / $399 action camera!

In this short video I demonstrate how simple it actually is to mount a GoPro Hero5 to the Karma Grip. Or, jump below for a quick step-by-step on how to remove that USB compartment door.

How to attach a GoPro Hero5 to the Karma Grip

      1. To connect a GoPro Hero5 to the Karma Grip you need to remove the door enclosing the camera’s USB ports. Press the button with your finger and slide the door to open.
      2. With your index finger against the button, place your thumb on the small pad on the inside of the door.
      3. Tug the door towards you, and you should feel the clip release. Your GoPro Hero5 is now ready to mount to the Karma Grip simply by sliding it into the cage and matching the male and female ends of the USB ports.
      4. To reinstall the door, simply place it over the connector bar and apply some pressure with your thumb until you hear it click into place.

A word of warning
This compartment door helps keep your Hero5 water resistant, so unless you have a waterproof housing for your GoPro, do not take it into water while this door is removed.

And because it is so important, make sure you keep the door in a safe place while your Hero5 is mounted to the Karma Grip. I keep mine zipped up inside the carrying case that came with my Karma Grip.


Mounting a GoPro Hero6 Black to the Karma Grip

Since we published our tutorial on how to mount the GoPro Hero5 to the Karma Grip, GoPro has released the Hero6. And for those wondering how to attach the GoPro Hero6 Black to the Karma Grip… it’s exactly the same.

Pull on the side compartment door just as you did with the Hero5 Black. But if you need to see it to believe it, our unboxing video below shows how to mount the GoPro Hero6 Black to a Karma Grip.

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