News |Hireacamera rolls out UK nationwide Click & Collect service

Hireacamera rolls out UK nationwide Click & Collect service

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Hireacamera has launched a new nationwide Click & Collect service where customers can pick up and drop off gear for hire.

The scheme follows a trial launch of the service at London’s Cherryduck Studios and will be located in select London Camera Exchange stores across the UK, as well as at the famous Pinewood Studios.

What’s more, for a limited time Hireacamera is waiving the courier charges on Click & Collect orders. The company is also offering new cheaper weekend rates where both days will be charged at the same rate as a single day, meaning Sundays are effectively free.

LCE stores taking part in the new service are Cheltenham, Chichester, Newcastle, Norwich, Nottingham and Winchester. At Pinewoods Studios, the Click & Collect point is located within the Tiffen store.

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